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Surrogacy Frequently Asked Questions

As you are considering the wonderful gift of surrogacy, you may have some questions. No question is wrong, and I would enjoy hearing them and answering any and all questions you may have! So please feel free to contact me, I would love to answer any questions you have.
Yes, having had your “tubes tied” does not interfere with the IVF process.
There are many different ways to insure a Surrogate, be it use of your own Insurance or helping you secure Insurance. Either way BSS, will help you through that process.
Yes, Absolutely! We want this to be a joyous journey for all. We work very hard to make sure you are matched to parents that have similar priorities for this special journey.
Yes, as long as they accept your Insurance and understand and accept the surrogate process. Both parents and surrogates work together to choose an OBGYN they are comfortable with. Intended Parents trust the surrogates to know what they need and quite often surrogates choose the OB from their previous pregnancies. If you happen to have a high-risk pregnancy then the best qualified OB is hired as long as he/she is affiliated with your insurance. We also have to make sure that the hospital that the OB is connected with has a NICU in the case of complications or an early birth.

This is something the Intended Parents you work with will determine.

The Surrogacy process is unique to each Surrogate. In general, the Surrogacy process will take about 15-24 months. However, there are many things that affect that timeline. Your journey may be shorter or longer just depending on how long the matching process takes, how many transfers are required, as well as the availability of all those involved.

While we strive to move forward in a timely manner, there are many variables in the process such as the Surrogate’s and Intended Parent’s schedule as well as the medical professions schedules. Our highest priority is matching our Surrogates and parents so that the journey is wonderful for all, so that may take a bit longer but we feel that is of the utmost importance. Other factors that lengthen the timeline are how many IVF cycles it takes to become pregnant, the timing between each cycle etc. Whatever the case we suggest you plan on a journey that lasts between 15 months and two years. Whatever the case, Beautiful Soul Surrogacy is here to support you throughout the entire journey!

While that is BSS prayer, that unfortunately is not always the case. It is best to prepare yourself for the possibility of more than one transfer, as it is very common for most contracts to include 3 rounds of IVF. Whatever the outcome may be, your Intended Parents clinic and BSS will be there to help you navigate the process.
Here at Beautiful Soul Surrogacy we believe God is the creator and giver of all life and that He has chosen you specially to work with intended parents who also believe that God is guiding them on this journey of parenthood. Although not every step of this journey is easy, we believe God walks with us every step of the way. Beautiful Soul Surrogacy is also here for you every step of this glorious, life changing journey. Our goal is to make this remarkable choice you have made as amazing as possible.
While there may be upfront expenses paid by the Surrogate, such as traveling and securing and sending records. All fees are reimbursed. Once matched, your legal contract will specify who is responsible for all costs during your Surrogacy journey. All funds are handled by and held in an escrow account. All monies and expenses are handled by us, so you can focus on your journey.
  • Has had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, as documented by medical records.
  • Is between 21-41 years of age.
  • Typically have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of no higher than 33. Calculate My BMI.
  • Has a strong support system
  • Has delivered a child of her own, and is currently parenting at least one child.
  • Is financially secure.
  • Leads a stable, responsible lifestyle.
  • Is willing and able to travel for the IVF process. This may include overnight stays, as well as more than one over night trip.
  • Does not use illegal or recreational drugs, smoke cigarettes/vape, or abuse alcohol.
  • Is a citizen, legal resident or legal immigrant of the United States. If a Surrogate is a legal resident or legal immigrant of the United States, the Surrogate must be able to provide documentation that is valid for at least 2 years.
  • Does not participate in the following government aid programs: cash assistance, welfare, and public housing. All other forms of government assistance will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Live in a Surrogate-friendly state in the United States.
  • Has a valid form of I.D.

Beautiful Soul Surrogacy follows the Surrogate mother guidelines put forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Surrogate applicants will also take part in a, in home interview as well as a complete psychological screening.

Becoming a Surrogate mother requires applicants to be emotionally, physically and mentally ready to begin their Surrogacy journey. This will help assure a successful journey for both the Surrogate and Intended Parents.

Intended Parents Frequently Asked Questions

As you consider growing your family through the Surrogacy process, you may find you have many questions along the way. Beautiful Soul Surrogacy would love to answer any questions you may have. Our goal at BSS is to make your journey as smooth as possible, we focus on the details so you can focus on the journey.

We know how hard it is to allow another person to carry your most treasured possession, however, Beautiful Soul Surrogacy wants this path from the very first step to be as easy and as enjoyable as possible. We will do everything within our power to make this journey to becoming a family a joyous memory. Our process, beginning with finding qualified women, matching, managing the pregnancy and even after the birth is built around your unique requirements. After you fill out the BSS questionnaire and talk to one of our case managers, we can begin finding you the best match possible. You will never feel like just a number with Beautiful Souls Surrogacy as you might with the larger companies. We pride ourselves on giving all of our surrogates and intended parents our undivided attention and delivering our services with care and concern.

The matching process for BSS is unique and based on several factors. Once a surrogate is accepted, the matching process will be based on preferences expressed by both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. The potential surrogate will be presented with the Intended Parents profile. If she expresses interest the potential Intended Parents will then be presented with the surrogate’s profile. If both the Surrogate and Intended Parents express mutual interest, BSS will arrange a Skype meeting with the Intended Parents, Surrogate and the Director of Surrogacy Services. After the meeting everyone is given time to decide if they have found their perfect match! Each party then let’s BSS know if they would like to move forward.

There are many factors that will determine the length of the process. BSS advises intended parents that the process could be between 18-24 months, although it can be quicker or longer.

With gestational surrogacy, the intended parents create an embryo through the IVF process. An embryo is then implanted into the surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier), who then carries the child to term. With this type of surrogacy the surrogate has no genetic relationship with the child. Traditional Surrogacy is different in the fact that the surrogate becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, and thus shares genetics with the child she is carrying for her intended parents. At Beautiful Soul Surrogacy, we only provide gestational surrogacy services.

We believe our surrogates are the best of the best, so we go beyond what is required of us to make sure they truly are. Not only do we have extensive screening processes in place such as a lengthy application and interview, background checks and medical records reviewed by a qualified professional, we also make sure that any insurance policies cover surrogacy and if not, we find a policy that will. Additionally, we educate our surrogates on the entire process and we make sure she understands exactly what she is signing up for. There also is much thought and prayer that goes in to each surrogate before she is finally cleared. We don’t rush this process. We want everyone to feel as comfortable and supported as possible.

To begin the process, please fill out the form found on the Intended Parents Inquiry page. Once we receive the form, BSS will make an appointment via phone to answer all your questions and concerns you may have and explain our process and the services we offer.

Of course! We would love to work with you.

We always strive to match our intended parents and surrogates as soon as possible, but more importantly we want the match to be the perfect fit and that will be the deciding factor on matching everyone. This is not a first come first served situation. Each match is based on its own merits. Some will be harder to match than others depending on individual situations. The more open surrogates and intended parents are on location, marital status, work status, travel for IVF etc. the easier to match.
All funds related to the surrogate and the surrogacy process are held in a escrow account. We will give referrals for the best escrow agencies in the country for intended parents to choose from. Anything that is requested outside of the agreed upon sum will be submitted in writing. We will work with the escrow company on all requests so that you may focus on your surrogate and your baby.
The type of relationship you have with each other really depends on you. We ask that you fill out the relationship planner/application as honestly as possible. Of course, location/distance makes some impact. If you are wanting a hands-off relationship, we as an agency need to know that up front. If you require a lot of communication, we also need to know that as well. Beautiful Soul Surrogacy always tries to manage expectations as best we can, based on what you share with us. After the birth it’s always nice to keep in touch. Emails or text messages with updates or photos are normal types of communication is most cases. As your relationship evolves you all will know how much contact you will be comfortable with. As always, we as an agency will be here to smooth the way!
We prefer to answer all of your questions via phone or video call. Feel free to contact us and set up your free appointment with the owner of Beautiful Soul Surrogacy, Kendra Coble. Your questions and any concerns will be answered and we will share our process with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Feel free to contact us and set up your free appointment, all your questions will be answered and we will share our process with you. We look forward, to starting this journey with you!

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