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What is a Surrogate?

A surrogate mother – is someone who carries a pregnancy for a couple or individual wanting to have a child. Surrogate mothers also known as gestational surrogates, mean the surrogate mother does not share any genetics with the baby. Surrogate mothers are compensated for carrying the Intended Parents baby, as well as protected by a legal contract that is signed by both the surrogate mother and the Intended Parents.

Gestational Surrogates are women with beautiful souls, that have had children of their own, experienced relatively uncomplicated pregnancies and births of their own children, and have the desire to give the gift of children to another family. Surrogate mothers not only help these families but also theirs as well.

What is Surrogacy?

It’s an amazing way to help make intended parents’ dreams come true and give others the ultimate gift: a baby!

Types of Surrogacy

There are two different types of surrogacy: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate has no genetic relationship to the baby she carriers.

Surrogate Mothers Help

Surrogate mothers help intended parents (IPs) from all ethnicities and locations who planned on having a family but are unable to do so on their own. Some intended parents are single, others are coupled or married.

How to Become a Surrogate Mother

Making the decision to become a surrogate mother is a selfless choice. It not only changes the lives of the intended parents but changes yours as well. When you decide to become a surrogate, you are undertaking the task of helping someone realize their dreams of becoming a parent.  It takes a special, beautiful woman to become a surrogate.  If you have any questions, or would like help completing your application, please give me a call: 970-309-9183.

Do you qualify?

What are the Qualifications to Become a Surrogate Mother?

Most requirements for a woman to be qualified to be a gestational surrogate are based on the expectations of doctors and clinics. If you have any questions regarding these qualifications, please contact us. In many cases we can assist you in meeting some of these requirements.

step-by-step guide

What is the Process to Become a Surrogate Mother?

The process and timeframe of becoming a Surrogate is as unique as the Surrogate herself!. So much will depend on your availability as well as everyone else involved. Below is just a highlight of the process, there will be other steps that must take place. While there are many phases and many things required to become a Surrogate, BSS will be there to help you through each and every step! We are excited to join you on this life changing journey!

Phase 1: Getting Started

The first phase is to visit the Surrogate Inquiry page to make sure you meet the minimum requirements, and submit the form. From there you will be contacted by BSS and sent a Surrogate intake form, you will also be able to ask any questions or concerns you may have at this time.

Phase 2: Screening

There are many steps in this point of your journey, but BSS will be there to help you through each one. Your medical records will need to be reviewed, a background check will be done, both you and your support person will need to speak with a psychologist, as well as an in home interview.

Phase 3: Matching

This is an exciting phase, being matched with your Intended Parents! When BSS has determined a possible good match, the Surrogate will be sent the Intended Parents profile, if she would like to proceed the Intended Parents are then sent the Surrogates profile. If the Intended Parents agree, BSS then arranges a video call with all parties. After the video call, if all parties agree this is their perfect match, you will officially be matched and move on to the next phase. If both parties do not agree, no worries, the process will just start over until both parties are comfortable!

Phase 4: Medical Screening & Legal Contracts

You will need to attend your Medical screening at your Intended Parents chosen IVF clinic, which very well may include an overnight stay. During this phase, you will also begin negotiating your legal contract with your attorney, as well as finalizing it and getting your contract signed.

Phase 5: Monitoring Appointments & Embryo Transfer

You will begin your medication in preparation for an embryo transfer. While on the medication, you will need to attend several local appointments to monitor your progress. Once your body is at optimal position to receive the embryo transfer, your potential transfer date will be set. You will continue to be monitored until you go in for your transfer. Once you receive your embryo transfer, you may be required to stay near the IVF clinic for 24-48 hours after transfer.

Phase 6: Pregnancy

This phase may be the most enjoyable, yet hardest phase. Waiting to go to your local clinic to confirm pregnancy can feel like the longest of the phases (although it really is the shortest). Once confirmation of pregnancy is established, you will have an ultrasound at 6-7 weeks for confirmation of baby(s) heartbeat. Once your pregnancy is established, you will attend regular OB appointments, grow your relationship with your Intended Parents, as well as keeping them updated on your pregnancy.

Phase 7: Follow-up Care

After you have delivered your wonderful gift, BSS is still here for you! Whether you decide you would like to speak to a professional councilor (some Surrogates do while others do not) or if you would just like to call and catch up. Your journey with us does not end at delivery. We enjoy getting to know our Surrogates through this process and enjoy keeping in touch when it is over. Some Surrogates even chose to return to BSS, for another life changing, journey. Either way we hope that being a Surrogate with BSS, is a wonderful experience!

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